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I'm looking for internet ressource on building studios, I've already read every piece of information I can find on this website, this board and also on, but I am an information addict and I want to read as much information as possible before I even begin to draw my plans (how to make the tracking room sound good, how to build a resonance-free control room, soundproofing, etc). So if you have any good source of information (or have any good information to share), send them that way :)


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Thanks for the links guys
(although I've already read Acoustic 101, but thanks for the helping me out!)
Acoustics 101 is THE booklette to read. I read it, and now I'm building a studio in my basement. I've been working at it for 4 months, had I done regular construction I would have been done already, it showed me everything I needed to know about how to build a studio. And I was lucky enough to just move into a neighborhood with unbuilt houses all around me, so when they did build them they wasted tons of particle wood.
Yeah, A101 is great.
Here's a few more. It's hard to find sites as complete and easy to understand (and free)as the auralex pdf is, though.

(PS, there's more links at the Campanella site)

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