String Quartet Recording

Todd Mason

New member
I will be recording a String Quartet and I am wondering how to get the best results. I am looking for a blended but clean sound. I've heard great recordings on the radio and on CD as well as not so good ones. I'm wondering how the top pros do it.
I realize that this may be partly a matter of personal taste but, for example, better to record in a "dead" recording studio and add reverb in Post, or best to use a live room?
Also, is it better to use 2 or 4 mics?
DO NOT record in a dead room, the quartet players will hate it and play badly. As a result your recording will sound bad.

Get a live room. Ask the players for their favourite location and set up there.

How many tracks do you have?
If 6 or more, then do a comparison.
SAMPLE A: stereo recording by two mics on B-ear formation "audience perception" or variation of..
SAMPLE B (recorded simultaneously as A): micing each instrument for later mixing to stereo.

Compare the two and go with the best one, or combo of the two.