Strange bass effect along walls


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Hi all,

I am just setting up my studio with a small band. I have just put up some acoustic panels and bass traps. It made a big difference and the echoes are all but gone.

BUT my bassist noticed that when he goes up against the wall in the room (we checked 2 of them) and the bass sound seems to intensify so much that it becomes hard to hear anything else. I mean, it really is seriously invasive and seems to run up along the wall. The center of the room is great, but about a foot along the wall of terrible.

The ceiling is high (~ 4m/12ft) and I have placed bass traps in all the top corners, but not much acoustic paneling above 2m/6ft.

So clearly I did something wrong.

The room itself is 3x4m (10x12ft). Here are some pics.

In this pic:

You can see the bass amp which is in the back corner of the room. Bad placement? It's got about a foot clearance on either side and maybe 6inches to the acoustic tiles in the back and nothing in front of it for about 4 feet (4 feet between it and the drummer).

Any advice ?

Thanks in advance.
That’s how sound works. You may find if you go into the corner of the room, the bass will intensify even more. Even with the traps.
I would set everyone up in front of the drummer with guitars to his left/right and bass in front facing the drummer - everyone away from the walls. Your bass traps don't appear to be effective at all with their material and small size.
I almost pissed myself when I saw the 'bass traps'!

2" foam doesn't do ANYTHING AT ALL for low frequencies and not much for higher frequencies either. Bass traps need to be minimum 4" thick compressed fiberglass or rockwool (the more the better).