Strange and interesting CoolEdit2.1 overlapping track glitch ?


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Hello all,

I'm writing to ask the community if anyone could shed some light on an incredibly interesting glitch I experienced with the CoolEdit Pro 2.1 DAW. Nowadays I use Reaper for almost all of my general music production needs but I still keep CoolEdit 2.1 installed on my system for the familiarity of completing certain tasks. That said, about a year ago I had a number of wav files lined up in the CoolEdit multitrack view to get an idea of how different songs would sound in succession of one another (to decide on a tracklist for an album I was working on). In this case, I was planning on having one song start before the actual end of a different song, so the two songs had a portion where both overlapped and this is where the glitch occurred. EDIT: Sadly, the forum will not allow me to post images because my account is new :confused:

For about two to three weeks I had CoolEdit open on my system and I would simply maximize the window when I had time to work on music. One day I sat down to listen to the songs and to my surprise, the overlapping section of the two songs was somehow morphed into some really incredible glitched out sounds. I don't mean that the section became distorted or that the songs lined up and created a cool sound - somehow entirely new sounds that I've never heard before and didn't remotely resemble the original songs were coming out of my speakers. Where there should have been drums and bass, there was now weird ray guns from outer space being fired at aliens. Even more interesting, each time I hit the play button to replay the glitched section, the resulting output would be different. I immediately recorded a small portion on my cellphone and ended up using some of those glitched sounds in a new song. I intended on recording more of these delightful glitch sounds but a day or two later, CoolEdit crashed - and I have never been able to recreate this glitch again.

So my question is basically, does anyone know what might have caused this weird (but welcome) overlapped track glitch? And if so, how might I recreate it? I have already tried leaving CoolEdit open for long periods of time, but so far I haven't had any luck.

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