Storing tracks and beats on Zip


New member
I wanted to know how I could use a zip drive to optimize my storage capabilities. I use floppy disks to save my MIDI work and I know I can use a zip drive too, I'm just not sure what I would connect it to if I'm not using a computer. Thanx
I'm not sure if there are too many stand alone units which use zip drives, it would be overkill for a midi system, and just plain too slow for audio, unless the system had a hard drive as well. Anybody heard of anything?

William Underwood
Without a PC your best bet is buying a digital multitracker. Alot of them use zip drives for storage, and if you are or decide to record you're all set. Fostex and Alkai(I think)have multitrackers with zip storage, and I'm sure there are some keyboards that could do it as well.

Go to Musician's Friend or look in their catalog, I know they sell some units with zip storage. I hope this helps

Good Luck