Storing session files?


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I'm starting to build up quite a few sessions in pt.
Not sure where pt10 stores stuff by default. More than once, I've had to search all over for session files. So I started storing on my desktop for ease of finding them.
I think storing too much on the desktop starts to slow things down.

So my question is where is the best place to store files.

I have two harddrives, one of which is an ssd, as well as a 1 terabyte usb external ssd.
Protools handles storage pretty well, IMO. All you have to do is give it a location and it creates the same thing each time - A folder of your chosen name containing the session file, a folder full of audio recordings, a folder full of auto-backup session files, and a few other folders.

It's not fussy about you relocating this folder because everything it needs is always in the same place, relative to the session file.
Just don't ever move things out of the folder. Treat it as a package.

One thing I have observed, though, is that on occasion I'll drag an audio file into my session from some random location and ProTools doesn't make a copy of it in the session audio folder.
It should, and generally does, but that once in a while it 'forgets', I delete the file and next time I open the session PT is complaining about not being able to find stuff.

If you had to search all over for your session I guess you just missed the part that lets you specify location?

As far as storage, I tend to keep all my active sessions on an internal SSD, then when I'm done I move them to external USB.
Anything important has 3 or 4 copies all over the place all the time, but those are the 'master' sessions. ^^
Thanks Steen, you're the one who always comes through on these Protools questions.