Stealing from the Best


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Well, I just finished watching a PBS program "Now Hear This: The Schubert Generation". Man, it was totally inspiring. I am sure i have heard his music here and there but an hour long immersion in his output has been eye opening.

My primary influences include blues, 19th century as well as modern classical(think Bach to Copeland), 60s and 70's pop, 90s alt rock, 70's prog and lot's more,so i figured i had most of my bases covered as far greats to steal ideas from. Now I found something new and didn't even know it by not having discovered Schubert earlier. I am going to be downloading a bunch of his work and do some studyin'.

So i thought i would pose the question : What was the last "wow i need to learn more about..." moment you had as far as influences for writing/composing/etc., who was it, how did you discover them, what "got" to you and anything else you might care to remember