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Hi everyone
I'm an amateur guitarist interested in starting to record for practice review purposes.
I have the basics:
Audio Interface
DAW (Studio One / Audacity)
Studio Headphones

What I want to know is it possible to switch from guitar/amp for when I'm just jamming to guitar/audio interface when I want to record?
I know I could easily unplug from the amp and plug into the audio interface but I'm looking to have it all hooked up together so I can either choose to play direct out of the amp or into the laptop to record by easily switching between the 2.

I use Headphones when I'm jamming and the family are home to save them from having my amp blasting away....I like to play it loud.
The Headphones are usually plugged into the headphone jack on the amp.

Like I said I'm new to the whole recording/audio interface world so be nice hehehe 😁
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Yep . . . get yourself a DI.
Plug guitar into DI, and from there to amp. From DI you can connect to interface.


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By the way......don't listen too loud on your headphones. Long term high volume monitoring via headphones especially could easily damage your hearing. Not trying to be a downer here.....but you mentioned that you like to listen I thought I'd just mention that precaution. Just ask some here.


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Thanks for the responses!
OK, I'll take a look at DI boxes and go from there.
Any ideas on what models are good on a budget? Like I said, I'm only interested at this stage in recording my own practice. When I'm good enough I can then look at mixing/effects etc. But that's a long way off ;-)

I usually like to have the amp up load when playing w/o headphones - but certainly with the headphones on I don't have it up too loud for that exact reason - no use not being able to hear properly.

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JUst about anything will do.

You can start off with a relatively cheap Behringer. I have one. It works just fine:



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I actually was looking at that very model. It reads like it does what I need and is at a good price


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I've also started building an iso cabinet so when I want to record direct from the amp with a mic I have a controlled space to record in.