Starting my first music studio - sending audio between rooms

Joseph Miller

New member
I'm a musician and I've always had a simple home setup to record and play around with over the years, using logic, mac and an audio interface. For the first time I have the opportunity to convert two rooms in my attic into a studio. It's an unusual and far from ideal space but been a fun experience and it's going well. The one thing I'm stumbling on is finding a solution to sending the audio from one room to the other. My plan is to set some XLR and Jack outputs in the wall for people to plug in to, and to have the cabling go behind the wall and into the next room. I'm building a cupboard in the eves of the attic and can pull the cabling through to anywhere I need it. But I've struggled trying to work out what cabling system I'm going to need, what additional boxes, adaptors etc. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?
Just get a Snake with one side raw ends - build a box in the walk and wire it. The length of Snake will be determine by you. I would also put Cat 7 cable and possible some Video Ports.
Last place I had a hand in building from the foundation up, we attached rooms with (4"?) PVC. Simple and effective. Knew that digital was "getting there" but it wasn't quite there yet so didn't know what was going to be dragged through the wall "next month" so we dragged through everything we needed (and later added weird things like "network cables" and sometimes as simple as interconnections for guitar amps and speaker-level cabling as needed). Would lay out a chunk of 2" Auralex (about 6" x 12"), wrap the cabling and push the Auralex into the pipe (did this on both sides).

It was very "low rent" - But it was VERY "highly effective" and we could add something on the spot with little to no notice.
A ready made one is cheapest and simplest, but if you don’t know what you actually need, and can solder, you can do better. The best snake for live and recording I made had boxes either end that had pre punched D type holes. As the boxes had too many holes for what I needed, I put a male and female xlr wired together each end. So useful. You can do splits so a mic gets sent to the other end but can also go to a stage device, and any line can go either way to reverse the gender. I put a few ¼” jacks in other holes and RCA phones too. I’ve also now got two cat 5 in there - ugly taped to the cable. Two lines now have 5 pin m and f linked in too so DMX can be connected too. I’ve got some old multi core that has video and audio cores and I’m making another.

when you choose, just imagine what you’d like to be able to do. Maybe headphones would be useful, so extra jacks for those. If you make your own, get bigger boxes and blanks for the holes, and make sure extra cable can get through with a draw cord maybe?