Starting From the Ground Up


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Ok. So rather than bumbling around and wasting time and money, I figured I would just start here and get advice from the experts. I currently have minimal experience recording a podcast (just a friend and I sitting in my basement). I have been made head of gaming for a local convention and I want to record games as they are being played (possibly stream them live) and then edit them afterwards to go on Youtube. So the setup I come up with has to be easily mobile as it travels from my home recording area to various convention sites and events. It also has to be... frugal. If two mics are virtually identical or produce similar results, but one is much less expensive, I need that one. Ditto for cameras, mixers, etc. So here is what I want: 1. The ability to clearly record 6 to 8 people sitting somewhat close together without picking up background noise like shuffling papers or cross talk and without impeding their views of each other or the table in front of them. 2. The ability to control the feed from each of those microphones independently of each other. 3. The ability to record video from 2-3 angles that is sync'd up to the audio without having to manually line it up. 4. An easy to use editing program that will let me go back afterwards and cut a single video together from the 3 separate video feeds and 8 separate audio feeds.

Can I do this without breaking the bank? What components would you recommend (quality and price are both important)? What software? Help!


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I really have no idea about what you want to do but I can give you some basic principles.

No, it won't BREAK the bank but that setup would surely put a big dent in HSBC to do properly! (mind you a budget might give a video 'pro' here a good larf!) .

"Not pickup background noises". Pretty impossible with 6-8 as a group. One on one interview? You find a quiet place or shove a mic up his nose.

Mics? Probably have to be radio lapel jobs. Did you say "various countries"? If so, legal minefield for frequencies I would think, best to hire from top people on site. You will actually need 10 mics since backup is vital if this job is seriously important. Backup recording rig as well.

I would also think you would need people backup? Cannot see one person running all this?

I would approach a video production company and ask how much they would want to do it. When you get up off the floor, book them. I bet it will save you money and get a better job done in the long run.