Starting Final Mixes: Comp


Five song compilation. Hoping these are REALLY close. Selah needs some retakes on the piano part...but interested in the overall mix. Trying to keep these viable for an "album" concept. SO, the main things I'm interested in are OBVIOUS bad things: pops and clicks I missed, vocals are way to loud/quiet, too much/little bottom end to be coherent as an get the vibe! :)

Song 4: Hello

Song 5: Thy Will

Song 9: Selah (Instrumental)

Song 10: Your Song

Song 11: Can't Wait To Hear From You


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SC keeps buffering all the songs and it's really a pita to try and do feedback when you have to wait 10 seconds every 10 seconds (yes it's that bad). Not sure if it's SC or my connection I'll try later ...


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Listened to song 11. I think this is a nice mix. I like the percussion but it sounds a little busy.

The bass drum sounds nice but the snare and bass guitar don't quite match it in terms of punch. I wonder it taking it down a hair would improve it's relationship with he bass.


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Listened to "Thy will". As far as album tracks would go I think these two tracks match up very nicely in terms of tone, EQ, dynamics, and level....which is exactly what you want out of album tracks IMO. No noticeable shifts in the overall tone from track to track. I will listen to the rest of them but, on these two I think everything matches up nicely.


Thanks for trying Gerry!
IBB-Thanks for listening. Agreed. I've been whittling away at that percussion track and I think I'm just going to practically kick the timbales out. Just do a simple pattern for most of the song and let the other pieces that are left do the accents...There are two snares (one on the kit that's low and slow and one in the percussion that's piccolo and tight) I think you must be talking about the low and slow, as the piccolo only comes in a couple of times. I'll have a look.
Jimi! Thanks for giving them a listen. I've set up a set of tracks for mastering where I've got each song on it's own track and I'm trying to automate some of the mastering stuff so the songs get really close. There's also some intersong bits and pieces that are tying some of the songs together. When I'm done, hopefully I'll have individual tracks and a complete ISO image (or whatever, I haven't gotten that far into the process yet, but I'll probably ask some questions) where everything is gelled together with track cuts even where there aren't blank spaces.