Splitting Outputs


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Hi, Im relatively new to recording, currently starting a recording project with a drummer friend.
We have a full diy recording set up using an old Allen & Heath ZED-R16 Interface/16ch mixer but aside from recording i'm looking to have two DI tracks playing at the same time from the same project in my DAW but have each DI go to a separate amp (1 guitar amp, 1 bass amp) so we can play through the songs with the other tracks present in the room.

Im wondering how to go about this, im assuming i'd need to use the outputs on the mixing desk but if there's a simpler way just using the lineout headphone input on the mac with a splitter id take that option (for ease) but is this something that can be done in Logic? Or is there a better DAW to use for something like this as the "backing track" project wouldn't need to be the same project we eventually record into.

Any help appreciated.