Speakers placement : Is the a problem?


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Well,this post is some kind not quite relate to home studio but I think ppl here can help me :-).
I have a problem with speakers placement in my room which is now under design.. (it means they only on the plan now..)The speakers is for music listening not for monitor..
The problem is , my interior designer place my speaker near the bookshelf which lead them to place in a corner.. Is this cause a problem? And from the plan (attached below) do you think is there a way to fix that?
But from the picture, One think I have to change is the right speaker placement (left if see from picture) which I think I should move closer to the other speaker.
I can't think of where else to place to speaker in my room , I think this is only place.. But the problem is I still have to put bookshelf there cuz I don't have anymore place.. |-(

Hope you can make a sugguestion with the plan esp speakers. Anything I should change or fix or etc.. Thanks a lot!

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First of all, that's a really cool post...

Even if the speakers are just for listening, placing them in a corner or too near a wall will cause all kind of bass problems. You could always fix that with eq, but that's kind of a poor fix.

What size are the speakers? How far apart are they? (no scale in picture, but a cool picture)
Well, the speakers size is unknown for now because I didn't buy it yet.. Just plan to.. But the type is bookcase type I think. So the position and how far it from the corner didn't specific also.. I mean that's what I'm asking.. :-) How far is enough or something like that..
the room size is around 4m X 5.5m
As long as it's just a regular type of of stereo with smaller size speakers, I do not think the corner will present too much of a problem (you can always dial out any trouble with eq and balance). Some higher end equipment may come with specific instructions about speaker placement and the effect of that placement on the stereo image and overall sound (my studio monitors came with a 10 page manual!).

Smaller bookshelf speakers are designed to fit in tight spaces in general, based on the fact that they are called "bookshelf" systems (I would hope). Some of the BIG speakers (15 or 12 inch woofers with a useless midrange and tweeter that stand 3 feet tall) tend to be much more effected by the surroundings.

And as always, you'll have to let your ears be your guide...
Really a 10 page manual,

What monitors are you using? I have the 2020bass and got nothing with them, I wounder if i should have.

Oh well i guess i won't lose sleep over it...

Cheers to you all :)