Speaker emulator - with amp simulator?


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Hoping for some suggestions!. I have a few amp simulators (Line 6 POD, Johnson J-Station, Boss GT1, etc.). The speaker emulations are so-so. I've tried running the amp sims through a Hughes & Keltner Red Box which was an improvement - but I am hoping for better (perhaps more speaker configurations, mic configurations, etc.).

Can anyone recommend a hardware speaker emulator that will work with a line out from a hard ware amp sim? So many of the speaker emulators appear to require a a speaker output from an amp and/our load boxes, etc.

I don't want to deal with load boxes, etc. I just want the signal to be amp sim -> speaker emulator -> a/d converter -> recording software. I don't need the ability to load in my own IR - I just want a few relatively accurate sounding speaker emulations (1x10", 2x12" etc.), and maybe the ability to edit virtual mic placement.

I want to use hardware vs. software amps/emulators and I really can't mic a speaker cab - so please let's avoid the debate about the merits of real speakers, moving air, etc.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions offered!!!!


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Ive heard good samples of the Line 6 HD stuff, its a step up and was very close to the AXE and KEMPER that seem to be the best....technology can shine in this area of gear and keeps improving.