Source For Mic Transformers?


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Does anybody have a source for transformers that will fit inside say an SM57? Anything better than 'stock' out there? I know about the TAB-Funkenwerk tx, but for $75:eek:! There must be something a little more.... ahem.... economical? What about Cinemag?


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I don"t really think it is worth it as getting a transformer that is Good enough to show a Improovement in sound would cost more than the mic is worth....Also i believe the transformer used in the SM57/58 is Just an isolation transformer and not for Impedance or signal matching , I say this because most dynamic capsules are of low impedance and many poeple report an improoved sound just by takeing the transformer out of the mic and wireing the Capsule to the XLR.....

If you were the replace the Transformer I think a "600 ohm / 600ohm" Transformer would work......

Cinemag and Lundahl make good ones but they are very expensive and Stowter also makes some good transformers which are somewhat cheaper but still probably as expensive as a Sm57.....
You would probably get better results changeing the Transformer in a condenser or ribbon mic.....



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Edcor ( transformers are good and not too expensive. I looked through their site and didn't see on listed that would be suitable, but maybe you can call them. I'm also inclined to wait for what Chance is talking about.

I tried pulling the transformer out of a SM58 that I have, and it made a noticeable difference -- less signal, but more highs in relationship to the rest of the signal. I suppose I shouldn't use that one in live situations, because the transformer was there primarily for safety reasons (to keep a stray current from the board away from the singer's mouth?).

I've got one of those T58 transformers ordered, too - when I get it, I'll try and do some before/after comparisons.


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Well, my situation is this. I was 'lucky' enough to pick up a Unidyne III SM57 for a reasonable price (or so I thought), and waited patiently for it to arrive in the mail. Fast forward; after A/B-ing it with an older USA SM57, I was really disappointed. I open up the Unidyne III, and the transformer is gone:eek:! So, now I have real experience with the transformer/no transformer scenario, and I did it 'blind' because I really didn't know the transformer was missing. Of course I email the seller and ask if there is any chance he has the transformer. And of course he claims that is how he received the mic, and he decided to sell it because it had a low output! Thanks. But Hey, I can be a witness to the 'no tx' set up. Maybe the bandwidth seems a little wider, but the lower output really just makes this a recording mic for high SPL sources. I still like it, and I am still speaking highly of the seller; it is in great shape and he shipped it really fast. This is the 'caveat emptor' they speak about. If I can locate a transformer, I may put one in. Or, I'll just use it to record and be happy. But now the hunt is on, and it keeps my day interesting.


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Sounds like you have an SM57 with the transformer mod described in the March/April 06 TapeOp Magazine (the tranny is removed). The output is decreased considerably, but the overall sound is supposed to be closer to an SM7, which is a good thing.


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Hey, if you'll use USPS and send it to Canada, I'm in. Tell me what you want (swap for something, cash), and away we go. :D:D:D Thanks!