soundproofing Guitar amp


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When recording guitar with mic and amp, I want to know if its possible to build a sort of mini studio just for the amp: basically a sound proofed box with the amp and mic inside.
Would this work ?
Has it been done before?
What sound proof material would be best to line the inside of the box?

Thanks in advance
I cannot remember who made them, but someone built a box that had a speaker and a SM57 mounted on the inside. I see no problem in building your own box for a speaker. What you really need out of the box is to reduce the sound enough so that you can monitor the sound that is coming through your monitors.
ive heard someone on this site saying something about putting your amp in a different room and just running really long instrument and mic cables...i guess that can be a short term solution while searching for your long term answer..

- eddie -
Actually, putting your amp in another room is the long-term solution.

I record a good portion of bands with the entire band in my living room so they all can have eye-to-eye contact. The only mics in the living room with them are for the drums (which are about 8-10' from where the rest of the band stand).

Then, I run any instruments (bass or guitar) to combo amps or amps to cabniets (seperate amp and cab) via a Stewart 4-channel DI into a snake which is soldered to a patchbay in my control room. From there, it runs out of my patchbay via another snake into the med-sized, sectional iso-booth I built in the 2-car garage, into another Stewart 4-channel DI, and into the combo amps or cabniets. All of which is perminantly installed.