SOundcraft efx12, don't tell me it's a PA system


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I purchased my efx12 to use in my home studio,
I learned it isa public adress mixer board used in rooms with audience.

I want to make great sounding recordings with a rme babyface on my live osx (guitar bass drums and daw)
what is the public adress part of this mixer that i going to get in my way on my path
to recording good sounding recordings ?

I would like to use the lexicon effects in my daw, is this a hard task with this mixer?

Is it ok to use it?
or should I really considering getting the signature model or a similar size with included effecta makie ?

thank you
About the only thing the mixer will help with is turning two line inputs on the Babyface into mic inputs to give a total of four. You could do the same thing, but perhaps better, with dedicated external mic pres rather than a mixer. I suppose if you wanted to submix some inputs, you could use the mixer. It would be better to put an ADAT expansion on it and keep all the inputs separate.

Using the mixer's effects in the DAW would just be silly. Use software plugins.

What it comes down to is that you just don't really need a hardware mixer at all.
It's a nice little mixer, and the internal effects match a small PA's needs well - but even free DAWs have better effects. Do you do live stuff? If not, I'd lose it - totally agree with bouldersound. It just isnt really needed other than for perhaps some recording where you just need more inputs.
Ok thanks,
I guess I can use for home studio live jamming?
I inserted the mixer in a guitar fx loop, and it worked pretty good.