Sound forge bundle


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MAGIX have just emailed me. They are selling Samplitude Pro X3 suite for £150. That is a saving of £300 and included is the latest version of Sony Sound Forge.

I have ABSOLUTELY no use for Pr0 X3 nor SSF but I am finding it hard to resists blowing a ton and a half on this package! I have until Oct 4 to decide!

SSF was an integral part of my mixing/mastering process until very recently when I decided to just use my DAW for mastering. Now Sound Forge is relegated to detailed track edits (it's still better than Sonar at those things).

The suite looks... sweet. :D But I don't know anyone who currently uses it or read any posts from someone using it, so can't say if it's any good.
Wavehammer was my limiter of choice 10 years ago, but I haven't used Sound Forge since v8. Used to record the messages at Church and then take the quiet bits up and the shouty bits down using SSF. Someone else took that hat. Don't know what he uses...