Sound Forge 4.5 isn't recognizing my SCSI card..


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I'm trying to use SF 4.5 to transfer from my pc to my yamaha A4000 sampler and vice-versa. So, I go to the "tools>sampler" window and select "generic midi/smdi sampler" and I can send samples via midi dump but if you've ever used midi dump you know that it's extremely slow and it doesn't send info about the sample and such.

Here's my problem: Under "scsi adapters" the only option I have is "none." However, i have a working scsi card installed (I've used it w/ several other programs). Can anyone tell my how to get SF 4.5 to recognize my scsi card?

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AlChuck said:
SCSI hadn't been developed yet when Sound Forge 4.5 was out....
Not true. My old computer ran SF4.5 and the old CD Architect plug-in, and my Yamaha 2416 CD burner was connected to the 'puter via an Iomega SCSI card.
Sorry to resurrect this zombie thread, but I am having the same issue. I am using an adaptec aha-2940uw card, and am able to see all my devices in windows, and even send samples via my SCSI CD ROM in the ESI Format. the old version of sound forge does not recognize my adapter. I downloaded the demo for SF Pro 11, and it does see it and it works great, and unfortunately, my paid version of Audio studio 9 does not have the sampler feature... cant afford pro 11 right now, so trying my old version of SF 4.5 instead.

any ideas?