Sooooooo tired of fake drum threads.


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"Just out of interest, what do they charge you, if you don't mind me asking ?"

I wound up paying around $100, tip included, for a 3 mins, 45 secs track consisting of a stereo master and all individual tracks.
We had two/three revisions and the player in question was a total pro.
Would definitely do it again, instead of wasting time trying to "woodshed" something on my old Zoom drum machine that still won't sound convincing.
I play an electronic kit w acoustic cymbals. I used to play an acoustic kit for many years, so it's not like I'm not familiar with the difference. There are pros and cons with the electronic kit. I chose it mostly because of practising. Neighbours don't usually appreciate the sound of a drummer practising, people just hear noise and wants you to "turn it down". In terms of soundquality, some are never going to be satisfied, so I don't care too much about it. That said, I mostly use my own samples.


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I have acoustic drums and e-drums. Both have pros and cons and both are useful tools. I've heard the same debate for real tube guitar amps vs virtual amps and again both have pros and cons and both are useful tools.

Regarding e-drums, I have a handful of kits that I programed and are highly tweaked. Anytime I record I choose one of those kits as a starting point and adjust for each song so I am never just using an existing kit over and over. I also add effects to my tracks that make them sound even better.

I use acoustic drums mostly for live and jams. The main con of acoustic drums is the volume but it's a big one for me. I would never want e-drums live.


I have both V-Drums and my 6 Piece Acoustic kit. I generally only play my acoustic kit and record with it. I only play my v-drums if I have to spend a lot of time practicing something over and over. It gives my wife a break from the noise. I do agree there should be a separate category for acoustic drums. I don't care anything about VST's, programming, EZDrummer, samples, etc.


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Oh, that I could get some more musicians to work with me! I HATE doing everything alone.
If it is original music it is always difficult. It took me over thirty years to find a drummer and bass player to agree
to work on my stuff. Bands I have been in would do one to four of my originals but would always balk at going all original
because they knew there was no money in it unless you hit the big time and we all know the chances of that happening.
It was worth the wait because they both were phenomenal and we performed the material on stage
for about 8 years.