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I used this brand of type 2 tapes to record my gig this past sat. useing my tascam 238.It was the first time I used them,I'm sold.
I've used those once or twice before. Pretty good. Have you tried TDK's CD Power? I like those for recording live stuff 90 min version at high speed. You know I have a small confession to make- I've talked trash before about Maxell tape before, but recently I got stuck with just some XLII's, and well, I thought they sounded great. I'm starting to have flutter problems with my 6 year old TASCAM 424 and it seems like the Maxell's had less problems with that. Maybe it's like the shampoo thing- If you use one brand for too long, it starts to leave residue and you hair gets all wierd, Then you switch brands for a little while it gets normal again. :) Who knows. I actually don't want to ever record on that machine again- it makes me feel like a fish who's grown too big for it's bowl. :D

I'll have to try the TDK,But try these too,I'm very impressed.I remember you saying that about the maxells,They are very good but these sonys sound crisper, to me anyway.Sounds like you need to upgrade,If you can afford to keep your 424, keep it for ideas then record your finished ideas on a better deck.I have a vintage 246 which I think is the coolest 4 track, a 238 which I use exclusivly for live gigs, and the mother of all potastudios, the 388 which I'll never part with. They all have their place in my home studio
Is the 388 the one with the 1/4 in tape? I saw a picture of a Tascam that used 1/4 reel instead of casette- eight tracks too I guess- seemes pretty cool.

Yes, Thats the one.It has many cool features like similtaneous 8 track recording,6 band eq,and since it runs at 71/2 ips, a reel of tape can record 45+ minutes of music. the pre production of madonnas"Erotica" album was done on a 388 and 90% of it was used on the finished record,bounced to another recorder via the direct tape channel outs.I use the 388's mixer with my 238.It all works well.You know with all the new stuff coming out on the market,Hobbiests like myself can get some really excellant pro quality gear for cheap and make super nice sounding recordings.I deffinately like the gear that I have