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There seems to be a pattern forming and i want to quickly explain this.. every time Elenin lines up with Earth and another planet or the sun we have an earthquake..the nearer Elenin gets, the bigger the earthquakes!!!!

The first earthquake we will begin with is
2/20/08 Indonisia measuring 7.4. Elenin was 11.617 au from the sun.
On this day Elenin lined up with Earth and the Sun.

2/25/08 7.2 earthquake in Indonisa (as leaving alignment) Elenin - Earth - Sun

5/12/08 7.9 earthquake in China.. alignment is Elenin -mars- sun (Elenin was 12.147au from earth)

02/18/09 7.0 earthquake in the Kermadec Islands. Alignment is Elenin- Earth - Sun

05/18/09 4.7 earthquake in Los Angeles Alignment Elenin- Earth -Jupiter

05/28/09 7.2 earthquake in Hondorus (offshore)

07/15/09 7.8 earthquake in New zealand alignment Elenin- Murcury- Earth

08/09/09 7.1 earthquake in Japan alignments of Elenin - Murcury - Earth

09/29/09 8.1 earthquake in Sunola islands alignments Elenin- Sun - Earth

02/27/10 8.8 earthquake in Chile alignments Elenin - Earth- Sun (earth knocked off axis)

06/03/10 Pennsilvania Fissure opened up. alignments Elenin - Mars - Earth

02/27/10 7.1 earthquake in New zealand alignments Elenin- Sun - Murcury - Earth

01/19/11 Pakistan earthquake not recorded on usgs alignments Elenin- Earth - Jupiter

01/03/11 7.0 Chile earthquake alignments Elenin - Earth - Jupiter

ok now for future alignments...

April 8-12th 2011 alignment Elenin - Earth - Venus only ( Elenin is only 1.8 au from earth at this point)

06 September 2011 Elenin - Murcury - Mars - Earth align

25 September 2011 Murcury - Sun - Elenin align

11 October 2011 (Elenin is 0.246au from us) Thats a quater of the distance to the sun.
aligning Sun - Elenin - Jupiter - Earth this is a six day alignment!!!

17th October Elenin is closest to Earth (0.232au) Less than one quater of us to sun.

20th October Elenin enters our orbit and we will experiance a gravitational pull.

02 November We enter Elenins tail/ previous path.

11 November Venus - Earth- Elenin - murcury align

04 December Sun - murcury - Earth- Elenin align as Elenin moves away

25 December Mars- Elenin - jupiter align

The last alignment is the most scarest.... And i want everyone to go check all these dates and you will see they are correct
Last alignment with Elenin in December 21st 2012 Elenin- Earth- Sun

Could haarp be trying to counteract the effects of these alignments that cause earthquakes, could chemtrails be to help block radiation from comet Elenin?????
This information was not my discovery i'm merely passing on the information i have obtained as i think it's crucial..i've checked all these dates myself on the nasa website elenin tracker and they are all correct..
I don't have time to cross reference those dates with NASA and a public seismographs records :mad::mad::mad::mad:
What we need to show is a correlation between Elenin's appearance and earthquakes.

This means more than just a list of earthquakes and Elenin line-ups. We also need a list of earthquakes where Elenin does not line up. It is quite possible that there are many more earthquakes that occur when Elenin is in some random position.
Doomsday Alarmistism!!! If Elenin, when aligned with other other cosmic objects, had enough influence to disturb the earth's crust, why would it not cause other more notable catastrophes like arhythmic tidal surges or fluctuations in the earth's magnetic flux. We would see other manifestions of its presence before it caused earthquakes. Probably alter the moon's orbit first, I think astronomers would see that quickly.

When you look at what's happening, you also have to look at what's not happening....
Discovery said it would be like a mosquito hitting an oil tanker...

cross reference those dates with the nasa trajectories, I think that data has been *ahem* massaged :laughings: