Someone would be interested on mix and master my album?


Hey all!

In 2014 I recorded my first album (7 songs) to fulfill a four decades dream. At the time I joined the forum with the hope of getting enough knowledge to mix and master it myself but... the result turned out a complete crap! 🤢 The case is that I don't have a proper equipment and room, and most important, the talent for the job. Also I don't have a LOT of time to dedicate on it so very often I keep months away from the project and every time I return to it is like to restart from scratch and this is so frustrating. Long story short, I am eight years on it trying to make it better and didn't have too much progress so far.

It's a pop album with 7 songs. If you want to take a look in the songs to see if the style pleases you enough to put some work on it, please download it here:

PS: I don't know if it makes any difference but this album is not a commercial project, and since the beginning I put available to download for free.

Thanks for your interest!
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Hey friends,

I stayed out for a couple weeks (a lot of things to do) but I am back now. I will contact you! Thank you!