Some more multitracks for you to practice mixing

would be good if you could show a preview of the track so we can hear it before commiting to downloading 2GB of data, cheers.
He shouldn't because I think they are from the Telefunken live in the lab series, which you can get (and more) from their site.


sorry I did not respond sooner. I have not been on here for a loooong time. But, I do not mind this if you add it to your portfolio (IF you're still wanting this of course since I'm so late at responding)
[MENTION=200597]Cranky Emu[/MENTION]: the multi tracks are definately not from the Telefunken live in the lab series :-) These are tracks recorded by ourselves a looooong time ago. I do consider it a compliment that you think they're from the Telefunken series. Thanks :-)
Signposting for anyone else who comes along... I downloaded and checked out the zip file...

Please don't bother with this one, it's not a multitrack... (ie: individual tracks with the same start time and no processing)

Instead, it's all the audio files from a completed mix, maybe the multitrack is in here, but you'll need to identify them from all the others. There are revisions of each original track with processing, mostly renamed with the type of processing done.

You'll have identify each track and manually line it up with the others.
They were all recorded as individual takes or acoustically isolated in their own room / booth.

2GB download is not a problem these days, but the time to sort out the mess is still the same cost today as it was in 2018.