Some Mixing Tips

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Thanks Harvey, I am mainly a lurker around here without a lot of knowledge (or equipment for that matter), I always learn a lot from the stuff you write.

The points you make resonate with me, I was looking to spend some money on mics and preamp, but i dont really have enough to buy stuff that would make a noticeable difference. I have learned that I can make music that emotionally affects people, with an old Audio Technica dynamic stage mic, and my cheapo behringer mixer... If i was recording anything other than ac guitar and my own vox (all other sounds and amp simulation comes from the computer) it might be different. Or if i ever expected to make a commercially released CD.

its easy to say all this cheap gear is crap, which a lot of people do, but I have had quite a few emails and forum responses to show that if the music has something in it which communicates with people, the slightly less than pristine sound is not really an issue.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience!
Harvey Gerst said:
It might be helpful to some of the newer people to bump this thread back up.

Good call man. I remember reading through this a couple of years back before I officially joined the BBS and started posting. I think I read it again last year and now today again. Great information on "the big picture", mixing techniques, mic info. This should be required reading and everyone should test themselves after reading it to make sure they retain the information. I didn't give myself a pop quiz personally, but after a couple of times reading my favorite points here, I think I have it retained. Great advice to train by. :) :) :)
I'm still learning to mic my acoustic guitar. I typically do three things. I use a condensor at the soundhole, a dynamic on the neck, and use a plugged track just in case I want to bring it in for a different sound at a later time. Anyone have any thoughts or advice for this, am I on the right track as far as placement and mic type for soundhole and neck?
This thread is very helpful. I wish I would have read it earlier. I know, some of you wish that I would have read it too.
Going to this site is like going to a library. I always go away impressed with my ignorance. There are so many things I don't even know that I don't know.

This thread is indeed very useful. Some suggestions in it I am going to try in my next session.

Thanks seems such a paltry way of expressing the incredibly valuable info and insights that you and a few other pros add to this forum. There are some of us newbies here who won't pester you with questions you have already answered 6 different ways,
:)Truly great thread, both for mixing techniques and microphone placement, 5 stars, along with the big thread "How does diaphragm size/polar pattern relate to mic applications?".
It's surely helping a lot of us worldwide to get closer to the sound we are looking for. Thanks Harvey.
This is a kinda useful thread, not only for the beginning section, but around post # 17, it gets into a lotta detail about mixing techniques. (Even though it has been viewed over 10,500 times, only 7 people thought it worth while enough to even give it a rating.)
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