Some 12-string jangle! Mix opinions please...

I decided to give my Musicvox 12-string electric a workout and did this little instrumental!

Any opinions much appreciated! :unsure:


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Nice work. Sounds good. The lead guitar tone seems a tad boxy or something. But that's just my opinion. Sounds like it needs a singer, I'll bet it'd sound wonderful too.


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I've been playing guitar for just over a year now, mainly electric, but I'm thinking of getting an acoustic 12-string. I just wanted to know how a 12-string differs from the regular 6, based on how it feels to 9Apps Showbox play.
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Very nice ! I think your playing was spot on. Very good timing. I do believe the lead guitar could use a little Less FX. The backing guitars sounded nice. Kinda had a Rickenbacker "Birds" vibe. I thought the section coming in around 2:20 had Too much reverb or the wrong reverb. I really liked the drums. All in all Very good job. I really enjoyed it .. mark
breserlal , Most acoustic players I know get a 12 string at some point. They're a lot of fun and sound great , but when the thrill is gone they usually end up as wall art or just stored away somewhere. "But" Pulling the low octave strings off and leaving the 4 high octave and 1 of the high B and E strings on is "awesome". Normal basic chords are greatly enhanced. Pair this with a regular guitar and you're splitting a 12 string in half but doesn't sound the same at all especially if panned apart. Stringing a regular 6 string this way works also but it's rough on the neck. Not so on a 12 string and the truss rod normally needs backing off. Can't have too many guitars.. ms
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Mix sounds quite balanced honestly. If I had to nitpick, I'd raise the bass slightly. Real nice composition - but where is the 12 string? Is that the lead? It sounds like an electric? A 12 string electric? How long have you been playing/writing?