SOLVED: OT: Yamaha TX802 "Trap Error!" Any idea WTF this is?

Blue Jinn

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I know it's off topic, but folks here tend to know more of the technical side of things. Can't play this with a MIDI keyboard (get that error). Can use it with a MIDI interface and can play it, but it will crash to that error after. e.g. you stop the recording on the DAW. (Using Cakewalk) this happens with two different interfaces (Behringer Uphoria and M-Audio Audiophile) and two different versions of Cakewalk (WinXP and Cakewalk 9, and Win10 and the latest from Bandlab) as well as Rosegarden.
I checked around and found "a" possible answer - not good. The Yamaha TX816 service manual has the error listed on Page 2 :


  • Yamaha TX216 & TX816 Service Manual.pdf
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Upgraded firmware to 1.5. No more Trap Error!

(Still having trouble with DX-Manager, but that's a different issue now)