SOLD: AVID HD Native PCIe Card with External Enclosure


SOLD $725 USD Shipped CONUS

This is the card you need if you want to use AVID hardware such as HD I/O or OMNI with the Pro Tools Ultimate software platform. You can use it with non-AVID interfaces if you buy a Digi-Link license from AVID ($299 lifetime). It is installed in a powered Akitio Thunderbolt2 enclosure. It has a TB2 to TB3 adapter cable so it can be connected to a laptop or desktop with a TB3 port. I’ve been using this card for a few years, and it functions perfectly with my HD I/O. You can connect the card to two interfaces simultaneously with Digi-Link cables, but only if each interface has a Digi-Link port.

Along with the enclosure and the installed HD Native PCIe card, I will include a 12’ and a 1.5’ Digi-Link cable, a TB2/TB3 cable, plus all the standard adapter cables that came with the card. NO SOFTWARE INCLUDED.

The HD card firmware has been updated to work with Pro Tools Ultimate 2021.3, and is backward compatible with older versions of Pro Tools.
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