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Singing is a pretty intense activity when you compare to speaking, usually you sustain sounds much longer, use a very wide pitch range, a lot of energy, and the demand for quality is higher.

This also means muscles will work harder and, if you are not used to the effort, and specially when you are not used to and the coordination is still not quite developed, you can get a bit sore. Try to not overdo when you feel tired and you should be fine.

A great example of a similar thing is how our pinky hurts when first getting a hang to play the guitar and doing exercises that uses it.
If your throat hurts, then probably you're abusing it. However, the metal grunty merchants can do it for hours unaffected = Rod Stewart and AC DC and of course dozens of others have what sounds like gravel in their throats but can do 2 x 60 sets no bother. It's well worth seeing if there is a real singing teacher in your area. The few quid you pay them will be really well spent if they can have a listen and advise if it's dangerous or fine. They don't just teach bad singers and turn them into good singers, they teach good singers of any style to keep their voices. One advised a jazz singer friend she needed to see a throat specialist urgently - as her singing style was producing nodules, and he caught it in time. If it hurts, then it could be damaging your voice....... probably not, but worth checking.
Like any other skill it needs to be developed. And like any other muscle, vocal cords need to be warmed up and stretched. If your throat is hurting after a few songs then you're singing from the throat which is technically screaming and not breathing correctly to help get those notes out without straining. What style of singing are you trying to sing? If it's metal style or similiar, that requires more breath control and squeezing the diaphragm for more push to project your voice. Squeezing and controlling your diaphragm is pretty much key to singing. Or making it easier. Of course you'll need some sense of pitch as well.
Been singing for the majority of my life. Almost 50 years. It wasn't until I went on a diet and exercise program about 6 years ago that in turn developed my ab muscles through planks, sit ups etc... that I noticed being able to control my diaphragm and breathing that made singing so much easier.
Find a vocal coach that can teach you how to breathe and scales to warm up with.
There could be a number of reasons why your throat hurts when you sing. It is possible that you are not using the correct vocal technique, which could be causing you to strain your throat. It is also possible that you are singing too loudly or for too long, which can also lead to throat discomfort. If you are having trouble with your vocal technique, it might be helpful to consult with a vocal coach or other singing instructor. They can help you to learn how to sing correctly and without straining your throat. Additionally, it is important to make sure that you are taking care of your voice by drinking plenty of water and avoiding excessive yelling or screaming. If you follow these tips and continue working on your vocal technique, your singing skills should improve over time and your throat will no longer hurt when you sing.

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