So Real


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Here's a weird little song a singer friend and I collaborated on. Just made this mix today, it would be nice to get some fresh clinic ears as i've made so many mixes of this song i've lost perspective. Using studio one, addictive drums, guitars recorded with an hx stomp and bass using a sans amp bass driver. Any comments critiques welcome! Thank you!


Song is called "So Real"

I liked the vibe, and the vocals generally sounded really nice; I like the octave doubling. There were a few flat spots as it progressed, but overall they were nice.

The song was cool, but I guess I wished some of the lyrics would have been a little more metaphorical and not so real-world. matter-of-fact. Seems as though it would have made the song have a little more depth, but that's just my opinion.

No real nits on the mix. I thought it sounded pretty dang nice.
The song is quite good...drums are really bright...and I'm not sure about the guitar part - BTW the singer sounds a lot like Robin Zander of Cheap Trick.
Thanks all for listening and the excellent comments!

I agree with all the criticisms, literally the last thing i did to the mix was brighten up the drums and distort them as a whole...

famous beagle, the lyrics...yes i know what you mean, i steered him in that direction early in the process, there's a line "virtual viral a download spiral" which was boiled down from a more wordy real word line like you pointed out. After a while i just had to let him do what he does and be happy he's willing to do it at all. We have many songs we've done together and both realized this is kind of a filler song to expand the catalog, not get too precious about it and move on...

Papante- the guitar part is pretty much an excercise to play an open G at all times, there's like one A chord in the whole song cycle that doesn't have the open G, so yeah the guitar part has a bias : ) Robin Zander-yes for sure haven't heard that before but same range and similar tone.

Thanks all