So Far We're So Far Away


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This is a song I posted last summer. It's supposed to be a title song to a James Bond-type movie. I tried to write in that style, and the mix has (for me) some fairly heavy reverb. I don't like it much, I'm just trying to finish it.

Anyway, this mix has a retracked rhythm guitar with less gain. Some different mix decisions. To me it's better than before. But not much more than that.

Mix 1
SoFarSoFarAway1.mp3 - Google Drive

Mix 2
SoFarSoFarAway.mp3 - Google Drive


So Far We're So Far Away
Take a chair - check your hair
Make believe you care
God save the Queen and all of that
Act debonair

It's a ticking clock affair
So slip below the glare
You're the planet's wingman
Pick your nom de guerre

This battle's not for show
It's a victory you'll never know
And with a silky trigger touch
It's better that you don't say too much

I hate it when you stare
You're not really there
It's time to kill
Time to fly off to anywhere

Yeah we might live or die today
But so far we're so far away

Alterations have occurred
Shaken not stirred
So get that blood or lipstick off of your lapel

Battle lines are blurred
Give me your word
He could be here, he could be gone, you'll never tell

So lose your former soul
You get a new one back in trade
Forget you're in control
Forget about the plans you made.

Just blend in with the herd
Kill shot conferred
Just know belief and poison pills are both inferred


Put on your cape, it's time to fight that sinister creation
Bang, sizzle, boom when it gets launched from some remote ice station
It's on its way, a nod from God, so grab hold of the comet
The illuminatti? They ain't scared, they all know that you're on it
Faces become places, and we're so far away
So far, so far away


Shoot him 'till you're done
Get up, get on, get out
Don't ever let them trace a shot back to your gun

This war's not nearly won
It isn't even halftime
There's still room for all of us to have some fun

I wish we had the time
To borrow truth and make it mine
And hear it through the whine
Of an unprotected, dirty line

So chase the fading sun
It's a consequence of power
That you fix it all and go back on the run

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I was listening on HPs, I noticed you have it really clean on the upper end. Very clean and the upper end is bright, but not sharp. I hear not even a hint of mud. [MENTION=131604]Around[/MENTION] 0:26-1:10ish, the voice sounds buried and after the chorus sounds perfect. It does sound live after first chorus/verse guitars go down and everything cleans up very nice.

On my HPs, lower end seems light (under 100HZ), but not anything bad, just some thump. Might sound fine on large speakers.

I guess I don't need to say it, but really good tune, nice mix.


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Great song and performance, 3M. Is this IBB on drums?

There's a harshness to the mix from the opening guitar onward. It sounds better turned lower. Turning up gets unbearable. Are you doing some gain reduction on the master bus? If so, might want to back off a hair.

The lead vocal is straining to be heard. It makes my throat ache. It could be louder in the mix, as could that harmony vocal thing. Try taking the rhythm guitars down about 2 dB.

Good job.


Fun song, you've got a little Beatles in the the choruses. Never can go wrong with that!

Definitely agree with Steve, the vox needs to come up - the drums are beating them to death except in the choruses.

The only other thing that jumps out at me is the snare, a little to much boxiness? to it for my liking in this song. Great job on the sound of the toms - whoa, best I've heard in awhile!

Did you change the name of the song? "Marcia Marcia Marcia" scrolls across my mp3 player!

Anyway, love it,


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DM60 - Thanks. Let me take a listen to the low end. It could be related to the harshness.

Robus - the guitar in the intro is supposed to be a little harsh. But the rest of the song is not. Let me address that. And yes it's IBB on the drums. But he did it a long time ago.

VHS - I was trying to take some crispness out of the vocal right at the end of mixing. But I probably should have then raised the vocal level. Didn't think about it. Thanks.

YD - Marcia Marcia Marcia is the name of the band not the song. Maybe I screwed up the MP3 generation process and put things in the wrong spot.

Might be a few days before I have a chance to address the issues. Thanks again everyone.


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Sounds good. My foot was moving, so the groove is solid. Some tom hits pop out of the mix...maybe a compressor on those? Vocal could use a hair more reverb to sit better.
My main issue is with the composition, but I'm not sure if you want that type of feedback.


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Mix #2 at the top.

I took some harshness out of the main rhythm guitar, the intro guitar, the vocal, the snare and the overheads. I think there was a buildup of mid-2Ks on those tracks. ALso adjusted the vocal/guitar balance so the vocal sits more out in front.


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I love the song and the groove. Fantastic arrangement IMO. I agree with robus that there is an edge to the guitars that may need smoothing a tad (maybe 4k cut??)
The main thing I noticed is the lead vocal isn't hot enough in the mix.
Great job man!


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Thanks Nola and jimistone.

jimi - there are two different mixes. robus' comments were based on the first mix. Did you listen to #1 or #2?


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Thanks Nola and jimistone.

jimi - there are two different mixes. robus' comments were based on the first mix. Did you listen to #1 or #2?
I listened to #1. I since listed to #2 too. I think the guitars sound good, but the vocal still needs a bump IMO.
I like a hot vocal. Most pro recordings have the vocal very hot in the mix. The vocal performance has to be really good, but it sounds much more professional with the vocal way up in the mix.

When I first started comparing my recordings side by side to pro recordings i learned this.


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I listened to #2. The harshness is much less than before, though not entirely gone. My acid test is to crank up the volume until something makes me want to turn down again, then address that thing. I can definitely get this mix louder than the previous one.

It sounds like you lowered the guitars. That's good. I'm with Jimi the vocal might still come up a hair, but you are much closer to optimal level this time. Depending on your audience and what genres they are used to hearing, vocal level might be fine.

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The guitars still stomp on the vocals a bit, especially right where they come in. I agree with others that the vocals might come up a little, but I'd probably start with ducking the guitars against the vocals to see if that can help, if you don't want to push the vocals more.

The intro goes on a bit long for me.


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Thanks guys. I'll take another listen for the harshness and vocal level.

I know there are a couple of words that are hard to hear. Ducking the guitars is a good idea.

But I think the changes at this point are going to be pretty small. Probalby don't need to post another mix here.

Again - thanks everyone. I appreciate it.

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I listened to both mixes and the 2nd one does seem less harsh in the mids. Not sure I agree with other comments about the low vocals, they're coming through loud and clear on these headphones. I like your vocal on this, you've got it in a good zone between verse & chorus