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This is another track I'm working on, which will be bundled with my last post. I got the other one running first and due to work commitments I've not had chance to implement some of the really useful suggestions in respect of it. I have pretty much everything I want in this new track, but obviously would appreciate the thoughts of those with more experience than I before I master both tracks. I'll quite likely replay some parts to tighten it a little as this comprises mostly of first takes.

Many thanks


Hello Tim,
Mix wise on 1st listen my impressions are: the cymbals, generally, are a bit harsh & loud.
The lead lines you use in the verse could use a little sustain on the end of each phrase to bleed into the next vocal.
On a structural level I felt that in the some linking guitar lines - again with sustain bleeding into the beginning of the vocal - would tie together the vocal parts for a better flow as the just rhythm guitar parts in the chorus, whilst generating a dynamic, breaks the flow.
Sounds like it's going to be a good one mate.
I look forward tp your update.
Mix sounds decent to me. If anything I think the rhythm guits could actually come up a little or take on some more upper-mids to get them to jump out more...but mostly I think it sounds good.
The mix sounds ok to me. Nothing jumps out too much and I can hear everything pretty clearly.

I do think some elements are in different spaces in terms of wet/dry verb levels or whatever. To me, the drums have a pronounced room mic/reverb sound to them that contrasts a little too much with the grainy guitars and the dry, upfront vocals. I'd recommend drying up the drums or pushng back the vocals a bit to match better. Just what I'm hearing...thanks.
Ray, thanks for your input, I've made a few changes in the areas suggested and may have taken too much top off the lead which I re played with additional sustain, which was fun while running a hot set up, trying to keep it in the cage. I still have some tidying and the top end of the lead to eq back out again, the cymbals are toned down. I'd be interested to read what you think. Thank you.

fat_fleet, thanks for listening and your input, the rhy guitars are up on this version, I'm pondering it. Thank you.

heatmiser, I've have the vocal back a little and the drums may sound better or worse lol. many thanks

all the best


I'm not sure that snare sound fits the tune and the kick drum needs to come through more. Song is pretty cool though. I like the vocal and the way you've treated it