SMPL System by Synchronous Technologies Auto locator/SPMTE gear


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I have for sale a couple of items previously used with a Tascam 388 r2r machine for video work. The items for sale(which I havent been able to find much info on) are SPMTE gear used to link the 388 with video machines.
It is in pretty good shape, comes with everything you need to hook it up except the power supply for the rack mount unit. It comes with detailed owners manual and directions for hooking up. Craig Anderton wrote the manual. Its called the SMPL system by a company called SYNCHRONOUS TECHNOLOGIES.
It is basically a Commodore VIC-20 Keyboard that you plug into the rack mount unit( Sync Lock), then plug into the back of the recorder. From the manual I have for the 388, it sounds like this would be called an auto locator similar to the AQ-65 by Tascam. The Vic-20 controller part has transport funtions(play, rec, ff, rev) there's a Cue section for punches, 1-9 are to locate different points on the tape.
So it has the cables in good shape, the rack unit(sync lock) without power supply but I bet you can get the general purpose ones at radio shack and it should work( I have one I can throw in with it), Commodore auto locator controller with power supply(light comes on so I assume it works) lots of info and owners manual. I assume it works with most of the Tascam and Teac stuff. You can plug the Vic into a monitor and have a screen up to show information.
I wanted to use it as a remote for my 388 but I decided I will work without one.
Let me know if you are interested, thanks for any info or let me know if you have similar gear.


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Yep got one. Looks like yours has the final documentation while mine has draft.

SYNCHRONOUS TECHNOLOGIES=John Simonton of PAiA. Related are the Peavey sync controller and the Allen and Heath CMC automated mixer routing system. There are a few pic in the PAiA group on yahoo. The sync controller was stand-alone and the CMC pluged into a C64 and the mixer.


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Hate to bump an old thread, but does anyone happen to have one of these for sale? if you do, please let me know, money in hand for one, especially complete!




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Well, I figure 5 years is a good enough time frame to see if anyone has one of these laying around again....