small albums


What is the best site to sell a 5 song recording CD quality only?? No streaming or other... just sell the file and do CD
burns on request. 8$ for the file,9 for a CD. Instrumental fusion genre.


Hat STYLE. Not contents.
Manually. On your own website.

Any modern service that sells cd-quality downloads is also going to allow the user to select their quality level (including downsampling to mp3) and stream it.

If you're willing to compromise on the streaming thing, Bandcamp will do it.


here is an unlikely thing, say you did a song kind of in the score category but thats pretty general. Say you hear your song 90%
exactly what you did. It shows up on some silly TV pilot streaming TV. What would you do???
Is there a way to sell your songs on someone elses website??? All the pay sites are total BS. Garbage.
The best long term investment is always your own website.

This is because a site can shut down at any time, or they can kick you off at any time and all that work you did was for nothing.

You will have to get your own traffic obviously but having your own site pays off, especially in year 3-4 .

Aaron Stevens

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Probably your own website that you market yourself.

But you likely won't get any sales..

Streaming can be huge - distrokid for that