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Hey there,

So this is a somewhat slow and darker sounding Alternative Rock type song that I am currently mixing (the guitar playing and vocals here are my own). By the way, this is not the full song but just a short clip (the total song length is about 3:15). I'm wondering if I could get some feedback about this rough mix in progress so that I will be able to complete it soon (and hopefully it will even end up sounding somewhat "professional")

Individually, everything seems to be sounding good to my inexperienced ears but I'm not 100% sure (except for the S and T sounds in the vocals that I'm having a hard time fixing or maybe I'm over-analyzing?) Also, I'm having major trouble with drum compression. I feel that the overall volume of the song itself seems to be fluctuating during the snare and kick hits (or maybe it's just the drum volume that is fluctuating because I don't have any compression on the master bus itself; I've only set up compression on a parallel mix for everything except drums and a crushed parallel drum mix instead of compressing the main drum aux itself). As far as the vocals are concerned, I feel that it sounds overly squashed and compressed when the chorus hits (with distorted guitars) I'm wondering how I could possibly bring some of the the forward/intimate feel of the vocals in the chorus also; would volume automation help here or are there other techniques I could try ?)

Any feedback and/or guidance would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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You're right that the sibilants (S and T) are pretty pronounced, especially at the beginning. Have you tired a de-esser yet?

You change the vocal delivery between the verse and chorus. It'll be hard to capture that "intimate" feeling with the more projected vocal. That said, I think your vocal delivery is good; I wouldn't change it.

Are there some timing issues on the drums? I feel like the crash towards the end is drifting a little bit. I think I'm also hearing some mp3 compression on them.

Guitar and bass sound good.


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Thanks VomitHatSteve for your feedback. I have a de-esser on the vocal track, but it doesn't seem to be taming the sibilants. Maybe I don't have the right settings on it yet. Yes, I think the drums timing might be somewhat off towards the end. Thanks again!

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I think it sounds pretty good. The sibilants in the verse are a little distracting but you should be able to deal with those, even if it means getting busy with an envelope on each one. I like a compressed vocal so I'm not going to recommend you remove it. Good jam