Slow Dark Alternative - Final Full Song


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Hi there,

I posted this song/mix earlier and based on the feedback I received here (and also other issues that I thought needed to be fixed), I have made some additional tweaks. The larger file size "Maya_done2" is the updated full final version and smaller file size "Maya" is the previous shorter version that I posted here earlier.

I have tried my best to tame the vocal sibilants in the previous version and reduced the harshness in the distorted chorus guitars by slightly cutting the 2-5 khz range, among other things. I was wondering if I actually made the mix sound better or worse? Also, a friend that listened to the new final mix told me that the drums were not sounding appropriate in this type of song and were sounding too clean (I think he meant to say that the snare needed more teeth and aggression). Another friend told me that the vocals sounded like they were too low for this type of song and a higher pitched voice would have sounded more appropriate (he was obviously pointing to the verses).

I would love to hear your feedback(s) on this mix. Thanks!


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The snare has a good weight to it and the distorted guitars in the chorus are working well. I think you've done a good job on the mix and the track as a whole is excellent. Nice job