slapback recipe?


Hi guys - I'm looking for a slapback effect like that 50's rock/blues sound, either a plug-in or tips on getting better sound than I seem to get. Any ideas? thanks!
Context please. Live performance? Recording? With what recording setup/DAW? Any DAW should have a built in plugin that does delay and they all have some presest called "slapback", which is the first place to start.
thanks for yr response: recording on Sonar/Bandlab. I used to have a slapback plug before Bandlab took over but Sonar changed & I don't really have one I like now. Any suggestions for a free plug?
Slapback is normally a single delay of about 100 ms, perhaps slightly more. Experiment with the exact time to make it fit your needs. Also experiment with HPF and/or LPF, though I find it usually works without a filter.
If all else fails, copy the track, paste it to another in your session, & nudge it to where you like it. Then put the gain where it fits your desired mix.
Slapback is so easy that you don't need presets. Just set it to about 100 ms with no repeats. You can copy the settings in the pic. (Note, these settings are for inserting the effect directly on the track. To use it as a parallel effect, set the Dry slider to -∞.) Adjust the Length and filters to your preference.

ReaDelay slapback.png