Slap Bass?


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Right now I’m working with a great young band, they all are great musicians/songwriters. All their
instruments are in good shape as well.
They play a funky jazz rock type of music.(Dave Matthew’s type stuff)

I’m done tracking drums and rhythm guitar, I want to record bass now. This bass player plays a lot of slap pop stuff
which is pretty cool, the only thing is his slaps and pops are so much more present I the mix than any of the other bass
guitar tones. Should I try compressing these tones, ring them out in the EQ, or a little of both.

I tried a little of everything, ringing it out in the EQ seams to be close to getting it but then makes it to flat and the bass
is not present al all in the mix. With the compressor I can’t get it punchy enough, and I can’t get it to crush softly, it’s
either on or off.

Help on this would be appreciated either respond to this or send me an E-mail,

I am no recording guru but EVERY bassist I have worked with played slap and I play slap and I know what you are experiencing...
Are you mic'ing his amp, running a line out from his amp, or running directly into the board?
I wouldn't advise mic'ing a bass cab unless it just sounds great...
If you have sweepable mids in your board you can probably tune in that annoying uppermid "popping" freq and lower it... Or use a graphic eq... I wouldn't compress... You just gotta tune in on the killer freq... I usually end up cutting lots of low end out of my bass sound to get any presence at all without sounding bassy.
You might also try getting the bassist to turn his treble pot down...
If you are running a line out from his head... you could try to cut the upper mids through his amp... I think that would help... Some amps don't seem to agree with slap bass...

Hope something works for ya,