9 strings

Hey guys, this is a song that I've been mixing for some time now. The song is getting close to being done but I'm looking for some help on making it sound great. Nothing necessarily in particular, just anything you guys feel like bashing.
Bash this little Guitar-Instrumental away!!


  • Leopold - Six-String-Souflee.mp3
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Sounded pretty good. I did not hear anything jumping out, sounded well mixed.


Souffle - mainly air - prone to collapse due to a lack of structural integrity - complicated yet light dessert - yeah not a great name.
Given the lightness of touch & tone I think the snare sound is wrong.
The shreddy bit seemed rather pointless to me. You could've demonstrated your chops by playing with more aggression without that strangely popular blurr.
Well played - I'm more into sticky date pudding with double cream m'self.