Six Feet Deep (Metal/Heavy)


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Recorded and mix by myself, but not my song or performance.

Guitars: LTD EC1000 into a 5150III vintage 30s - 1 sm57
Gibson les paul standard into mesa dual rect into the same cab with vintage 30s, again 1 sm57

Bass: Fender american standard jazz into a BBE Bmax pre, copied the track and ran a second through an amp sim with a HPF at like 500 or so hz.

Drums: All fake (obviously). Superior Drummer 2 and Slate samples blended on the kick and snare.

Vocals: All through a blue Reactor mic.

Various other things: Intro stuff is blend of NI Damage (dumpster sounding drums) and NI's ethnic instruments (actually not 100% on that)?

6 Feet Deep.mp3


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Overcompressed. The lack of dynamics defeated the artistic intention that seemed to be present in the intro. The intro was atmospheric and should have sounded pretty good, but that atmospheric feel requires depth and dimension--some things are close, and some far away, some in the foreground, some in the background, some loud and some soft. You kill that feeling when you compress and boost to the point where everything is loud. Your original mix probably sounded much better, before you mastered or added whatever you added to the mix bus.

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Yup yup, I'm not doing the mastering on the final for a reason, as you can hear I suck at it.

Maybe I'll post the mix without my shitty 2 bus crap and have that for listening.


oooOOOoooo !!! thats not tooo shabby matey :D


nice work :) do we get to listen to the mastered version too when its done ?

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Nice track. It' sounded good to me on headphones. I dont listen to this music a lot, and I like the riff you've got. Heads bobbing here


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It sounds good. It's a bit over compressed. Could use some breathing room like the others said, but over all it's pretty good.