Six Feet Apart - De Reggae Version


Hi all!

Henning Pauly (YouTube) set up a contest where vocal and drum tracks were provide and you had to come up with a complete song arrangement and video.

This is my effort, and I decided to do a reggae version even though the song was originally planned as a pop rock song. I hope you enjoy it. This features the awesome vocals of Hanna Mehl (YouTube). Her performance was so brilliant that I felt it needed to take centre stage.




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This shouldn't be in the mix forum. It’s just a blatant redirect to that youtube channel


Sounds pretty groovy to me - great vocals, mixed pretty well (from the perspective of my airpods), good backing harmonies too.... nice job!!

Would have loved to hear a much longer guitar solo instead of the (fake) horns solo and the bass solo. Maybe being a bit overly-critical here but the song feels very... monodynamic (not sure if that is an official word). I.e. No highs or lows, just a medium level the whole time.