Singing stuff that doesn't suit your voice...


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Hi fellow narcissists!!.. (that's what we wannabe vocalists are ;) )...

(This is part of my 10-20 second a cappella practice clip series, as the most efficient way to improve your vocal technique.)

Singing stuff that doesn't suit your voice...

So, you keep learning new 'tips and tricks', and you try them out on songs you like to sing? Fine! Hopefully, your voice is becoming more flexible, and you can sing them better.

But, what about songs that are just not you, and that do not suit your voice, and maybe never will? Well, waddyaknow? Don't ignore them! I've discovered that you can put them to good use:

Sing them (if you see anything in them), but don't try to sound like anybody else or consciously change your voice to compensate. Basically, you almost have to be absent-minded. Just let any new learning and flexibility in your voice subconsciously do its own thing, and gradually find its own sound for the song. It seems like a good way to suggest ideas, and dig out latent expression in your voice. I think the technical term is "crescive" improvement.

Example: there is no angst in my voice type. I know this, and I would be totally unconvincing trying to sing an 'angsty' song in front of an audience. Totally not me, and I am good with that. But I find myself singing this one "in the shower" -- habit from schooldays, where we probably sang a sanitized 'unangsty' version. But the fact that it is so unsuited to my voice is subconsciously getting me to use a new kind of resonance that is natural to my voice, but which I would not otherwise have discovered. It's something I mean to follow up.

Get out of your comfort zone FTW!

(20 second a cappella)

SJB046FRP by kickingtone | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Tame? But I can still hear something new. That's one way to improve.


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Dude -
you've got a cool voice.

It makes me think of that Beatles song that goes - love, love, love ...

Actually it makes me think of multiple Beatles songs.

Personally I don't think those guys had a lot of 'angst' in their voices either ... But I can recall them sort of yelling? in some songs like right before a song breaks in to a riff... More like a fun party sound type of yelling than angst but ya.