Singing Critique Needed!


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Hi everyone!

I have been singing and playing guitar for a couple of years now. I struggle with anxiety so putting myself out there is hard. I know my singing needs work, i just don't know what to work on or how to get better. I would love to start playing small gigs and open mic nights, I am just so afraid to really put myself out there. The largest crowd I have played for was about 60 people.

Please let me know how my singing needs work or any comments you may have!

Thank you in advance,



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Hi, and welcome!
You might want to link to a soundcloud upload or similar.
A lot of people are wary of downloadable attachments, particularly zips.

You've got nothing to worry about with the singing and playing.
I mean, everyone's always learning and improving but your singing and playing is fine. Keep doing whatever you're doing.

Get a couple of good friends as rent-a-crowd, book a few places that regularly have open mic, because the crowd are generally forgiving, and just get out there.
Once you've done a handful it'll get easier and you'll worry less.

Do what you can to take the pressure off yourself - Make sure you're 100% on lyrics and chords so forgetting a line isn't a concern,
keep your setup as simple as possible so there's less to worry about gear wise...anything that helps you to relax a bit more on the night.
Don't be afraid to talk to people too. Sometimes competition can be daunting, even in a casual setting like open-mic.
Breaking the ice with the copetition can alleviate that.
Good luck!


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Though you're voice could use some improvement, after listening to this clip I don't see it as a priority. You sound as good as anyone else out there and better than some, for sure. I wouldn't ask for my money back if I paid to see you. A bit more self confidence would certainly improve your performance a little more.


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The tone of your voice is pretty good. It's actually quite similar to a young lady that I follow on Youtube from Australia. There are a few pitch points that need to be addressed, but I'm sure you could hit them. The recording is pretty raw in terms of sound. I think that some "producing" could really smooth out your voice. Doing that in addition to working on a bit on some vocal techniques would pay off big time.

Listen to some of this person's vocals. I think you have a similar quality to your vocals. CAZZA

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If you want to practice on your performing, nursing homes are a good gig. The audiences are appreciative and forgiving.
I'm no singer, but have sung and strummed at such gigs.

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There's a nice quality to your voice. Did you record the guitar and vocal separately? As in do you have the vocal track on it's own? It would be interesting to see if we could swap the guitar for something a little more 'complimentary' to the voice. The strumming has a kind of urgency to it that is the opposite of what the vocal is? Sort of sadish, a plea = so in my mind the guitar is less of a support for the voice, and becomes the focus instrument, with the voice supporting it - as it's very high in level?


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I tripped across this artist this morning and her sound is very similar. You can do this. You're both good.