shure prologue 16L condenser


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I just bought a prologue 16l condenser mic anybody have any info on it there is a switch on it does it switch the polar pattern on it .thanx


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Shure Prologue 16L ...Sorry...

The switch on the side turns the microphone on and off. This only has one polar pattern. This mic has a AA battery inside.

Pros- You don't need phantom power for this mic. AND DON'T SEND PHANTOM POWER TO THE 16L, IT WILL KILL THE MIC !!!

Cons- It's not a true condenser microphone. It uses the little bit of voltage to couple a low voltage field to produce audio. This audio is sometimes colored by humidity and temperature. Normal condensers us 48volts to generate FET/transistor/tube/transformer preamplifier's in the mics. This produces better audio.

I purchased 2 of these very cheap (2 for $60) about 10 years ago. Have used them sometimes to use when I am recording outside and don't have phantom power. But there are other mics that will out preform these mics for a little bit more money.

Mike (Buffalo, N.Y.)