Shure MV7 Clicks in iOS :(


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First of all, any help would be HUGELY appreciated, as I suffer from a host of psychiatric maladies, and this problem has been driving me utterly mad to the point of exacerbating my insomnia.

I'll try to explain this is quickly as possible. I have tons of experience with various instruments, but I've only recorded with USB mics when creating demos for my bands, etc. When I decided I needed something to improve my YouTube channel's audio, I went with the MV7.

For some reason, the mic produces tiny, but recurring, clicks during recordings. I've tried using different micro-USB to lightning cables, as I have a few which are all MFI certified, but the issue persists.

Based on information I read about another user and their SM7B through a GoXLR, I belidvs the cause might be digital and not a defect with the mic itself. However, as there are no updates available for the Motiv Video app, I decided to simply reinstall it and perhaps try rolling back the Firmware version later today to see if it's not a regressive bug.

If all this fails, has anyone else experienced similar issues with this mic? It even occurs in auto-level mode, so I'm not sure how it can be marketed as a plug-and-play device that can produce content that's ready to upload. Especially since the volume is horrendously low — I suspect this is due to power limitations of the iPhone 14.

Thanks in advance! I'm so sorry for the long post. I only got about three hours of sleep last night, and I just guzzled two extra large coffees because I have classes to teach in a bit over an hour from now.