Show me your parallel drum compression?


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Actually I want to hear it. I'm curious about how different people approach this, and in particular just how far people typically go. Maybe if people could post just some short clips with like the dry bus, then the compressed bus, then the mix of the two. But really, just the smashed clip would be fine, too.

Of course if you want to talk about specifics of how you acheived the sounds, that would be even better. And I guess pictures always help, so you could actually show us. But I want to hear it.



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I'll try to remember to reply to this. For some reason I have forgotten the bus compressor I'm using for this as I'm fairly certain I have changed it recently (possibly the SSL Duende bus comp). But I have no problem posting it.

I'm at work if you are wondering why I didn't post it now. :spank:

Oh and I can also tell you what Billy Decker uses if you want to know.

Decker uses SSL, but it's the avid one (impact). 10:1 ratio, 16ms attack, 24s release. Sets threshold to take off like 4-6db.
Decker also uses (on snare buss group only):

1st insert: JST clip knob at 10 o clock, mix at 100.
2nd insert: URS 1975 compressor (neve 33609 plugin, waves v comp would be similar). input at 0, attack 33ms, release 100ms, knee at 0, ratio 3.5:1, threshold set to take off a good 18db. He is slamming this compressor.
3rd insert: Pro Q. Large bump (15db) at 9k, tiny bump at 530hz, and medium bump at around 220hz.
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I've been using either waves aural exciter in the "ax" setting with an 1176, la2a or 3a emulation, but have recently picked up the soundtoys bundle and have been experimenting with Devil-Loc. I take only the sends from kick (inside) and snare top mic tracks. I don't crush as hard as I've seen some do on youtube ,usually GR is about 8-10 db, attack on 1176 at about 6, release at about 4. I bring the level up until the snare starts to sound trashy than back of until it just makes the beater of the kick and the smack of the snare pop.


Here is one.


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I've run Waves smack attack parallel on the entire kit, got some interesting sounds. Sometimes use it to add a little punch or brighten the whole it up a bit.