Sharing Acid Music Studio 9 .acd files


New member
I was sent Acid Studio 9 .acd files via email and want open it, add a track and send it back.
We both use Acid studio 9. When opening it, dialog box says it cannot find file for path location specified (the path is that of the file location on the senders pc).

An option is to find the file on my pc in another location, which I do and open it.
It appears that the file is being opened and the progress bar is green at 100%, but in a split second, the dialog box about not finding the file comes back.
What's up with that?

Sender's pc is win7 64 bit. Mine is Vista :eek: and 32 bit. Just adding that in case it is a factor.

Anyone experience this?
I have an issue where sometimes when I go to play a track back acid crashes. Also sometimes the audio will totally cut out and anytime I click anything it will crash. This was happening in ACID MS 8 and I upgraded to 9 but still find the same issue. Any help?