Setupto record guitar


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Hey folks!

In logic what setup do you use to record the guitar?

I have my guitar connected with my boss me 30, but in logic im not sure how many channels i have to open and what kind of setup i have to male to have a perfect sound!

What are you using for an audio interface, and how do you have the ME 30 connected to it?

Do you plan to record stereo or mono out of the ME 30?

Generally, in Logic you just need to create a new Audio Track. It's the settings on the track's corresponding channel strip that depend on input channel, stereo vs mono, etc.
Sorry it's boss me 70 not 30 :P

I have connected guitar to boss me 70 then it's connected to "guitar face II" and then to my mac.

I know i only have to create an audio track, but i see some videos on youtube and one guy make with four tracks and balance the sound each other, im not sure if its the best way, thats why im trying to see if someone use another method.

Thank you.
I'm not sure what you are seeing on videos, but sure you can create as many tracks as you want for recording different parts, one at a time. You could also split your guitar signal before or after the effects pedal and record two tracks simultaneously for guitar doubling effects.
depends what the guitar is playing, if its rhythm for example, i like do 3 tracks, two of them panned hard left and right and then one centered. it gives it a way fuller sound imo. Another cool trick is recording 2 guitars, pan them hard L and R then record two more tracks with a slightly different guitar tone and have them gently panned L and R. You can always get a plugin with the doubler effect but personally i feel doing multiple takes make it sound way more natural and more dynamic.