Setting Up amps

William Choi

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I'd like to know what are your techniques on setting up amps in your home recording space to get the best sound. Are there products around you home that help make the area quiet? Do you use paper or plastic, carpets or comforters? Whats your technique? Does it work? Do you crank or muzzle,spit or shine?
With out going all the way with professional sound reinforcements. Where do you put you amp? angles? heights? ect...
Well, It depends on the sound you want and what is necessary. Also mic placement, what mikes you're using, and the sound of the amp. Repost with some specifics so that i can get an idea as to what you want.
I've got a Peavy Studio Pro112(AMP) and a shure sm58. Im mostly close micing and I wanna get the amp to sound clean while cranked but I don't wanna crank it too high because this crap box has this habit of shaking like bloody hell making all sorts of weird noises(exagerated). Im recording in the basement where theres alot of junk lying around. I was thinking of putting it in a smaller room with about the same ratio of junk in it. I just wanna have a good signal to noise ratio without crankying too much,tis all.
Garages can be a bit too "Live"...(Echo)
But you can hang some old carpet or sleeping bags up on ropes or nailed to the walls. Try the dumpsters behind carpet stores late at night for the good "Free" stuff.

You can just mike the amp and cover it with a "Tent" of sleeping bags, blankets, towels etc. (you will have to set the tone and volume controls before you cover it up!)

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