Series A Bass, any information?

I have a bass sitting here, just wondering if you know anything about them, because I can't find anything. The headstock says "Series A". The inside has a serial number and I can get it on here if you guys want it. The body is similiar to this: except it's red and at the bottom of the neck it turns to like a black plastic (?) and curves down. The pickups are the same looking, the knobs are different. There is a volume and tone knob and in between them is a pickup selector (three way).
The knobs are gold coloured and so is the bridge, which looks pretty old compared to say, the bass in the link above.


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"Series A" was a very low budget line of guitars and basses available primarily from low end equipment retailers (the kind you'd find in malls). Definately geared towards beginners. I don't know if they are still made.